Why Ten'Inch ????

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Why Ten'Inch ????

Message par Lady of the Tardis le Ven 20 Mar - 12:59

Depuis seulement quelques heures, nous avons enfin la réponse tant attendue ...

Pourquoi Billie Piper a t-elle surnommé
David Tennant Ten'Inch ???

Billie Piper christened David Tennant "David Ten-Inch" after hearing the intimate details of his manhood from a friend.

The 26-year-old actress - who appeared alongside David in BBC sci-fi drama 'Doctor Who' - was delighted when her friend told her about a night of passion she shared with David, as it gave her ammunition to tease him.


The former Dr Who star also revealed why she cheekily referred to Timelord David Tennant as David Ten-Inch after joining as his assistant Rose Tyler in 2006.

She lets slip for the first time on The Justin Lee Collins Show tonight on ITV2 that a pal slept with him — and reported back to her on the size of his manhood.

She laughed: “One of my friends who was privy to the information handed it to me on a plate!”.


en "bonus" extraits d'un article sur David Tennant : The Womanizer !
After all, who is to say how long tonight's companion will be on the scene? As became apparent this week, the Dr Who star is romancing perky blonde co-star Georgia Moffett - his fourth known conquest from the programme's cast and crew since he landed the role three years ago.

A source on the hit BBC programme says there have been 'at least five and probably more - but he's just so darned charming everybody still loves him to bits'.

'David may not have the looks of Brad Pitt, but he is an absolute genius when it comes to impressing women, and he's having the time of his life,' says the insider.

He takes women to St David's Hotel because it's quiet, luxurious and the staff love him there.

'But it has become a standing joke that you never know who David will walk through the door with next. Some of the staff have been having bets on whether it will be a blonde or a brunette.

Friends who have known him for longer, however, suggest there may be another, altogether more deep-rooted explanation: his upbringing.

'David is regarded as something of a lothario these days, but there is nothing he would like more than to fall madly in love and settle down to a lifetime of monogamy,' says a friend who has known him since his days at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

'The problem is that his romantic ideal is so hard to attain. His parents were an amazingly dedicated couple and he idolised them.

'So far he hasn't met the right girl - but in this day and age the notion of being married for the best part of half a century is a bit unrealistic.

'It's hard to put into words how charming he is,' gushed the twentysomething blonde. 'David has huge brown eyes and when he turns the full glare on you then no girl with a pulse is going to get away from him. He may look stringy and geeky, but that man has more sex appeal than anyone I've ever met. He's the nicest man in showbusiness.'

'He still firmly believes that one day he'll meet someone special and they'll be together for ever,' says an old college friend. 'But that's not going to happen if he changes girlfriends as often as his socks.'

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